About us

At Shenachie Productions we are committed to recording histories in a way that helps ensure the preservation of memories for future generations.

Our principal, Judy Hughes, believes it is important to create a comprehensive record for archiving and future use, even if the immediate priority is a highlights presentation.

About Judy Hughes

Judy Hughes profile photoJudy Hughes is a journalist, historian and communications professional with a love of life stories, family history and multimedia.

In her work as a professional historian she brings more than 15 years experience as a print journalist with publications including The Australian newspaper and more than 12 years in government communications managing and producing communications materials from website and multimedia content to educational exhibitions and publications.

Judy has a particular interest in labour history, family history, oral history and using new technology to better communicate historical information. She is currently the web manager of the Oral History Australia website, an executive member of Oral History Victoria and a member of Professional Historians Australia.

What’s a Shenachie?

The term ‘shenachie’ is used in Celtic culture to describe a professional recorder and reciter of family history, genealogy and traditions. In Scotland, for example, a shenachie was attached to the household of a clan chieftain or person of high rank.